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Optimizing customer operations whenever,
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Reliable, continuous performance and predictable costs throughout the entire lifecycle of an installation are essential for sustaining a profitable business. The unexpected can be very expensive, so preventing unexpected interruptions is a key element of a lifecycle approach.

Lifecycle Solutions

Safe and reliable offshore operations

How to manage maintenance operations in the stringently regulated offshore industry?

Watch webcast  Case COSL Europe

White paper: Maintenance Management in Offshore Industry

Video: Managing maintenance operations in offshore industry 


Risk management

Uncertainty can threaten profitability and even the company’s viability. Understanding and managing uncertainty is therefore essential.

Video: OEM spare parts

Case Kipevu II

White paper: E&A solutions

Webcast: Managing uncertainty

Marine maintenance

Digitalization changes ship maintenance fundamentally. How to combine technology and human competence?

Webcast: Future of marine maintenance

Video: Condition monitoring 

Marine Maintenance