The vessel, a Wärtsilä Ship Design, is to perform diving support, subsea construction work, crane lifting and ROV operations.

Delivered in 2010, Hallin Marine’s Ullswater is a 78 m DP2 Subsea Operations Vessel equipped with a 15 man saturation diving system and a 50 tonne offshore crane for subsea work.

The vessel is equipped with the Super Trident Sewage Treatment Plant ST10C, certified to meet IMO MEPC 159(55) guidelines. Optimised for the treatment of black and grey wastewater flows, and suitable for conventional gravity and vacuum fed collection systems, the Wärtsilä Hamworthy Sewage Treatment Plant is controlled automatically. This allows unattended operation, with reduced maintenance requirements and lower long-term operating costs.

Ullswater, diving support vessel, 2009

  • Wärtsilä Hamworthy Sewage Treatment Plant Super Trident Sewage Treatment Plant ST10C
Name Ullswater
IMO 9395800
Type Diving Support Vessel (DP2)
Operator Hallin Marine Systems, Singapore
Shipyard Drydocks World Pertama Batam, Indonesia
Delivered 2009
Tonnage 4469 GT
Lenght overall 78 m
Breadth 20 m
Maximum speed 13.30 knots
Deck cargo 1000 tonnes
Deck area 590 m2

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