SAS Amatola

The SAS Amatola, commissioned in 2006, is the first of four South African Valour class frigates. These vessels have a ‘Waterjet and a Refined Propeller’ or WARP propulsion solution with three shaft lines. (photo courtesy of Blohm+Voss GmbH)

Two five-bladed controllable pitch propellers are coupled via a three-stage gearbox to two 5900 kW diesel engines. Between the propellers is a centre reversible type LJ210E waterjet driven by a 20 MW gas turbine. The complete installation meets shock, noise, and vibration criteria according to military standards.

These vessels are the South African Navy’s major surface ships, and are designated by their German manufacturer as the MEKO A-200 SAN class.

Name SAS Amatola
IMO 601350000
Type Frigates
Owner South African Navy
Builder TKMS, Blohm and Voss, Hamburg in Germany
Commissioned 2006
Displacement 3590 T (full load)
Lenght 121 m
Speed 28 knots
Crew 100 (with space for 120)

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