Jack-Up Crane Vessel

Tailored specifically for year-round construction of offshore wind farms, the Wärtsilä-IMS advanced jack-up crane vessel is designed to remain operational under harsh Northern European sea and wind conditions. This self-propelled jack-up crane vessel is capable of lifting up to 800 tons, while jacked up in water depths of up to 45 meters.

  • Install complete offshore wind turbine arrangements, including the foundations, tower segments and nacelles.
  • Serve ing as a transport and storage unit with 4100 tons deck load, capable of jacking up with a full deck load.
  • Carry out Iinspection / remediation tasks for underwater structures, such as jackets, monopiles and electrical cabling ( maintenance and repair ).
  • Be capable of Iindependent stationary operation at sea, with optimum availability even under harsh environmental conditions.
  • Be capable of Ttransfer to offshore wind farm sites without tug assistance.

Dynamic positioning DP2, or alternatively with mooring winches.

Length over all 109.00 m
Length over pontoon 100.00 m
Breadth 40.00 m
Depth 8.00 m

Deadweight (design draft) 5200 t
Gross tonnage 11,800 GT

Max. jackable load approx. 15,100 t
Crane capacity 800 t
Crane boom 100 m
Crane hook height ab. main deck 110 m

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