Gypsum Centennial

Delivered in 2001, the 47,950 dwt double-hulled, ice-strengthened bulk carrier Gypsum Centennial is fitted with a Wärtsilä 6RT-flex58T-B main engine.

Gypsum Transportation Ltd, based in Bermuda, operates a number of gravity self-unloading bulk carriers operating between Nova Scotia and the US East Coast. Gypsum Transportation is a subsidiary of USG Corporation, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of gypsum wallboard, and transports some 2.5 million tons of gypsum each year.

The Gypsum Centennial is equipped with gravity type self-unloading gear and, in addition to gypsum for USG, transports a wide variety of other bulk cargoes for third parties. The new RT-flex engine concept brings useful benefits in terms of running costs, extendable intervals between overhauls, reduced exhaust emissions, and very slow, steady running.

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