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Wärtsilä Ship Design's WSD CRV 2400 WB enables the capability to carry conventional 20 ft, and 40 ft containers, as well as the special 45 ft and 53 ft wide body high cube container developed for the American market. The RoRo capacity is in excess of 350 private cars.

Because of the recently established Emission Control Area (ECA) along the eastern seaboard of the United States, the vessel design had to meet stringent environmental guidelines while serving the high performance operational requirements of the owners. Low emissions, reliability, and appropriate transit speed were, therefore, primary considerations.

“This vessel design raises the bar for merchant shipping, not only for US flagged ships, but globally. We are proud to be taking this bold step in bringing environmentally viable designs to the market, with Wärtsilä as a key partner,” says Rick Zubic, Vice President, Business Development, VT Halter Marine.

“Wärtsilä Ship Design has extensive experience in designing innovative and efficient vessels. This experience, combined with Wärtsilä’s vast know-how and leading global position in LNG propulsion solutions for the marine industry, has given us a strong competitive edge. This is reflected by this latest order. We have enjoyed a long co-operation with both Crowley Maritime Corporation and VT Halter Marine,” says Riku-Pekka Hägg, Vice President, Wärtsilä Ship Design.

Download technical paper: An innovative LNG fuelled container RO-RO vessel

Name WSD 84 2400 LNG
Built UNDER COSTRUCTION, delivery 2017

Ship Characteristics
Deadweight 26,500 t
Max Equivalent TEU intake 2,400 EQ TEU
Reefer plugs up to 350
Lenght 219.5 m
Breadth 32.24 m
Service speed, design draught 22 knots
Endurance, LNG based 6,000 nm


 • Panamax Container Ro-Ro vessel
   Latest Dual Fuel technology to operate on LNG
• Flexible container loading arrangement of 20ft, 40 ft, 45ft and 53ft types
• Optimised for High-Cube and Wide-Body container types
• CFD-optimised hull lines for highest efficiency and lowest accelerations, validated by extensive model tests
• Meeting EEDI of 2015 requirements
• Fully enclosed car garage (370 private large cars) with access via single lane stern quartering ramp
• Two (2) holds for dangerous goods
• Two (2) holds with movable sell guides
• Inherently Safe Engine Room design

Wärtsilä Scope of Supply

Ship Design Initial, basic and detail design
Propeller plant One Wärtsilä fixed pitch propeller
Shaft line, line shaft bearing and stern tube
Transverse Thruster Wärtsilä CT225H
Rudders Energopac

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