Offshore Vessels

Wärtsilä is the leading designer for OSVs, and our extensive reference list for offshore vessels include everything from complex Offshore Construction Vessels to the world’s most advanced LNG powered ships, and low cost AHTS Vessels. We take pride in making customised designs according to the specific needs of the customer, achieving the right balance in functionality and new build cost.

Why our customers chose us:

  • End-to-end local capabilities in Europe and Asia
  • Combination of expert knowledge, track record and innovation
  • On-time delivery
  • Reduced risk by integration between the products and design secures the construction, performance and operation
  • Flexibility in selection of yard and equipment make

    Vessel types
    • All types of OSVs, including Platform Supply Vessels, AHTS, IMR, ROV, Offshore Construction Vessels and Dive Support Vessels
    • Accommodation Vessels
    • Pipe Laying Vessels, Barges and Cable Laying Vessels
    • Stand-by and Field Support Vessels


    Simplicity, efficiency, low fuel consumption, & reduced environmental impact

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    State-of-the-art designs factoring environmental concerns without compromising performance

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    Specialised Offshore Vessels

    Custom made designs for the offshore industry

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    24 February 2015
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    Design that holds its value

    Bigger, better and more fuel-efficient designs are among the trends that Wärtsilä is establishing with...
    10 September 2013
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    Safe Working in Rough Seas

    WÄRTSILÄ SHIP DESIGN has won a contract from Subsea 7 for the design of a new, state-of-the-art diving support vessel ...
    22 April 2015
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    New LNG Tug opens a market

    Wärtsilä recently signed a contract related to the first LNG Tug to operate in the Middle East. This represents a milestone for two major...
    25 May 2012
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    Wärtsilä LLC helps achieve highest possible ERN number

    Wärtsilä has developed a platform supply vessel design which achieves the highest...
    5 March 2013
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    LNG Comes of Age

    The first gas-fuelled supply vessel turns 10. The Viking Energy also earns a 10 for performance.

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