Wärtsilä Whessoe LNG & FLNG Tank Gauging System

  • Full system package compliant to NFPA 59A
  • LTD gauge of compact design
  • Servo  level gauges and/or radar level gauges options available, up to SIL 4 system compliance
  • Full redundancy concept
  • Rollover prediction software
  • Tank cool down and leak detection RTDs system option available
  • Wide range of options for the data acquisition cabinet
  • Customized project management
  • Field services across the life cycle of the system from start-up

    System overview

    Solution applicable for:

    • Liquefaction LNG terminals
    • Regasification LNG terminals
    • LNG peakshaving facilities
    • LPG refrigerated storage tanks (Butane, propane, ethane, ethylene)
    • FLNG vessels

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