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The introduction of Wärtsilä Hybrid and its integration with a conventional diesel or dual-fuel engine generating sets, offers significant efficiency improvement by running the engines on optimal load and absorbing many of the load fluctuations through batteries. The system is designed and integrated to optimise the overall operation of the vessel.

The power and energy capacity of the battery should be suitable to allow the engine to run for most of the time on optimal loads. A key element is hybrid control algorithms for load sharing between units and efficient power and energy management.


    Fuel saving and reduced emissions
    Wärtsilä Hybrid ensures substantial reduction in emissions, and supports a sustainable operation with different fuels. The yearly fuel savings have proven to be between 10-20% depending on type of engines and configurations.

    Optimized engine operation
    Wärtsilä Hybrid supports operation of engines at optimal specific fuel consumption

    Reduced engine transients
    Wärtsilä Hybrid will be used to reduce transient loads in engines. Transients will increase fuel consumption and emissions.

    Increased redundancy and efficient operations
    Power redundancy requirements require engines to run at low loads. When energy storage is accepted as redundant power the engine will operate more efficient on higher loading.

    Reduced maintenance
    Due to more stable operation and less running hours the maintenance cost will be reduced.

    Increased performance
    Vessel performance will be more responsive due to the fast power response from the energy storage system. This may also increase dynamic performance in critical operations.

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    • Viking Lady
      The Viking Lady platform supply vessel embodies a number of groundbreaking, energy efficient, and emissions reducing technologies.

      The 92 m platform supply vessel combines four Wärtsilä 32DF dual-fuel engines with advanced vessel automation and Wärtsilä’s innovative Low Loss Concept, which minimizes electrical losses.

      Viking Lady

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