Wärtsilä Control and Communication Centre - 3C

Wärtsilä 3C represents the very latest in fully integrated vessel control systems. It is a new way of thinking about ship controls and communication, and will be a vital link between the bridge and the ship’s automation, engines and propulsion control systems, and combines the selection of individual navigation components in one seamless system.

Designed in co-operation with experienced maritime professionals, the Wärtsilä 3C ensures fluent control of the vessel with priority given to situational awareness, safety, ergonomics and efficiency.

The 3C acts as a key enabler for the leveraging of energy management and integrated navigational solutions into a single powerful tool. As a result, advanced route planning becomes easier with online data processing between the various systems, including the ECDIS, optimizer, ecometer, power management, automation, weather chart, Navtex, and the dynamic hull data.


    The multifunction displays (widescreen TFT) present

    • Radar including ARPA-Collision avoidance
    • Chartradar
    • ECDIS with automated route planning, weather chart, and online NAVTEX information
    • ECOmeter (power management tool and advisory system for optimum engine configurations to achieve reduced fuel consumption and emissions)
    • Sensor health performance monitoring
    • Fast and easy access to navigation and automation data from any multifunction display
    • Centralised dimming system
    • Centralised alarm system
    • Single action takeover
    • Advanced route planning including weather, safety and ship performance criteria
    • Speed pilot (integration with PCS for programmed and planned speed profiles)
    • Advanced predictor (for improved precision manoeuvres)
    • Optimiser (fleet management, vessel performance monitoring and data collection for later analysis and feedback)
    • Common user interface with multiple options for further integration i.e. cargo monitoring

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    With the acquisition of L-3 Marine Systems International (MSI) Wärtsilä broadens its offering within the area of Electrical & Automation. We now have extensive experience in supplying automation, navigation, communication, electrical distribution, electrical power & propulsion, dynamic positioning, sonar and underwater communications, entertainment, safety and security technologies, for a wide variety of vessel types. These products and systems are well regarded in the cruise & ferry, commercial cargo, offshore and oil & gas markets as well as with navies around the world.

    The products of Wärtsilä SAM Electronics, Wärtsilä Valmarine, Wärtsilä Lyngsø Marine, Wärtsilä Dynamic Positioning & Control Systems, Wärtsilä JOVYATLAS EUROATLAS, Wärtsilä Elac Nautik, Wärtsilä FUNA and Wärtsilä APSS, are well known and respected throughout the industry. With our resources in Norway we can now proudly claim that this makes Wärtsilä the marine industry’s leading E&A provider. We can now provide our customers with the latest technologies and greater opportunities for meeting their present and future needs.

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