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The Dispatch Simulator v.2.1

You can try the new and improved Dispatch Simulator v.2.1 Do it!!

Optimise a whole power system in a completely interactive way. The power of a dispatcher at the tip of your finger!

The second generation Dispatch Simulator is now available! One of the main improvements is the new feedback system, allowing you to take your dispatch skills to the next level! Other new features include the possibility to add much greater shares of renewables, as well as replacing CCGT capacity with Smart Power Generation one-to-one, so that you can truly quantify the value of flexibility! Finally, the new scoring system will let you know whether you’ve managed to operate your power system in a manner that’s affordable, sustainable and reliable – all at once!

Click here to download the Dispatch Simulator v.2.1.


Did you get any development ideas while running the simulator? You can send your thoughts to us via smartpowergeneration@wartsila.com.

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