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Onshore solutions

Leading the field in small- and medium-scale LNG.

Wärtsilä, recognized for its market-leading gas engine technology, provides technology and services throughout the entire LNG distribution chain. Wärtsilä’s portfolio includes liquefying technology, various gas handling solutions, the design of LNG transport vessels, gas-fired marine propulsion solutions, LNG loading and unloading facilities, storage facilities and regasification. A gas-fired power plant can be combined with an import terminal in a joint turnkey project.

We also offer EPC deliveries, and lifetime support solutions to maximise revenues and minimise downtime.

Wärtsilä offers total power solutions with guaranteed reliability and outstanding lifecycle economy.

LNG infrastructure

We focus especially on developing the small-scale LNG value chain together with our customers, offering technology both for liquefaction and regasification.

Power generation

Wärtsilä offers a wide range of flexible solutions perfectly suited for oil field settings. Proven reliability, fuel flexibility and low emissions make the plants ideal for demanding applications in the oil and gas industry such as processing facilities...

CNG filling stations

We offer biogas or natural gas solutions for CNG refueling stations to serve buses, trucks and other vehicles.

Flare reduction

Wärtsilä puts your waste stream in to good use. With the Wärtsilä solution you'll reduce CO2 emissions and get back to use the gas normally flared

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