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Offshore Exploration

Wärtsilä offers efficient, reliable and environmentally sound solutions for drilling units and offshore service vessels engaged in the exploration phase of field development. 

Wärtsilä’s reliable systems have an excellent track record. Reliability is a prerequisite for safe operations and high availability at all times. Our offshore solutions enable drilling rigs, seismic vessels and offshore service vessels to operate smoothly, even in remote areas and under the most demanding conditions.

Wärtsilä delivers superior customer value in offshore exploration projects through its:

  • Early involvement and knowledgeable support
  • Extensive experience and expertise in hydrodynamics
  • Best-in-class products integrated into complete solutions
  • Comprehensive, integrated technical solutions
  • Extensive experience in project management and site support
  • Global presence, offering worldwide local support and services throughout the vessel’s lifecycle.
We also provide dynamic maintenance planning to optimize equipment availability and reduce operational expenditures.

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    Drilling Units

    Wärtsilä’s solutions for the offshore drilling market include systems for:

    • Jack-up rigs
    • Well intervention units
    • Semi-submersible drilling units
    • Drilling ships

    Our environmentally and economically sound, integrated total drilling solutions comprise a diesel electric system, engines, thrusters, electrical and automation systems, telecom and navigation, bridge controls, dynamic position system (DP), riser tensioning compressors, ballast water management, nitrogen generators, water treatment systems, exhaust gas cleaning, pumps and valves, as well as project management, system engineering and commissioning.

    Gas Solutions

    LNG production, regasification and -liquefaction, VOC recovery, flare gas recovery, hydrocarbon blanketing, cargo handling systems, fuel gas handling.

    Service Agreements - Oil & Gas

    For Oil & Gas customers we offer a variety of comprehensive, customised long-term service agreements with measurable and guaranteed benefits.

    Pumps & Valves

    Engine room pumps, pump room systems, seawater lift pumps, deepwell cargo / offloading pumps, firewater...

    Seismic Vessels

    We provide high pressure seismic compressors for airguns onboard Seismic Vessels pumping systems, waste water management systems, in addition to power and propulsion systems.

    Offshore Support Vessels

    We provide total integrated solutions for all types of offshore support vessels (OSV):

    • AHTS – Anchor handling tug supply vessels
    • PSV – Platform supply vessels
    • OCV – Offshore construction vessels
    • DSV – Diving support vessels
    • Seismic research vessels
    • Jack-up vessels.

    The varying operational modes, conditions and requirements of OSVs require a unique design in order to achieve high fuel efficiency in all situations. Wärtsilä designed OSVs have the highest possible Environmental Regularity Number (ERN), which represents the vessel’s capability for maintaining its position and normal operations under certain weather conditions.

    Within the offshore service vessel market we deliver diesel mechanic solutions, diesel electric solutions and hybrid solutions, depending on the functionality of the vessel. The performance of electrical machinery can be further enhanced through Wärtsilä’s patented Low Loss Concept, which reduces transformer losses in electricity transmission systems. This improves the returns on diesel-electric machinery, making it an even more attractive choice for OSVs.

    In addition, for service vessels we also offer a large range of engine room pumps, valves, sewage treatment systems, and fresh water makers, all designed for easy operation, high efficiency, and quick service turnaround.

    We also provide training and Condition-Based Maintenance, with excellent spare part availability from a wide range of manufacturers.

    Offshore & Special Vessels Ship Design

    See Wärtsilä Ship Design's innovative designs with a cost efficiency focus that are environmentally compliant with known and future rules and regulations

    Service Agreements - Oil & Gas

    For Oil & Gas customers we offer a variety of comprehensive, customised long-term service agreements with measurable and guaranteed benefits.

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    • Aasta Hansteen
      Wärtsilä’s extensive experience and technical expertise in gas handling systems were critical factors in the award of this contract. The use of unconventional materials, such as the titanium used in the construction of the Wärtsilä Inert Gas Generator, as well as noise reduction measures were also necessary.

      Aasta Hansteen

    • Transocean Barents
      The drilling rig Transocean Barents is designed to operate in tough environments and at water depths of 3000 metres.

      Transocean Barents

    • Stena DrillMAX
      The first of four vessels was delivered to Stena Drilling in 2007 and was the result of co-operation between Samsung and Wärtsilä.

      Stena DrillMAX

    • LNG fuelled drilling rig
      Wärtsilä has the technology and the expertise to make a switch to LNG fuel both technically feasible and economically appealing.

      LNG fuelled drilling rig

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