Wärtsilä increases holding in Wärtsilä India Ltd

Wartsila Corporation
  • Stock exchange release
2 July 2002 at 3:01 AM E. Europe Standard Time

Wärtsilä Corporation STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE 2 July 2002

Wärtsilä Corporation made a public offer to the minority shareholders of Wärtsilä India Ltd on 16 April 2002 to acquire 1,834,258 shares, or 15.2% of the share capital. The offer period expired on 25 June 2002.

During the offer period 425,492 shares were acquired, corresponding to 3.5% of the total shares. The acquisition cost was approximately USD 1 million. Wärtsilä Corporation now holds 88.3% of the total shares of Wärtsilä India Ltd.

Further information:
Tommi Maijala, Wärtsilä Corporation, tel. +358 10 709 5682.