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Cruise & Ferry

Wärtsilä provides environmentally and economically sound integrated solutions for cruise vessels, ferries and megayachts.

We improve the sustainability of these vessels using proven or innovative systems, and a host of environmental services. We are tackling the challenge of boosting energy efficiency, and are actively finding new ways to reduce emissions. Being an agile technology leader and eager to promote environmentally sound practices, Wärtsilä is pro-active in going beyond environmental regulations.

As environmental regulations continue to evolve, ensuring that effluent is clean and safe is a growing priority. With over 35 years of experience in marine sanitation, Wärtsilä offers innovative solutions that meet all existing and anticipated standards.

We follow our customers’ projects throughout their lifecycle. Through early involvement and long-term commitment, we strive to provide leading-edge solutions. With us as your service partner, you receive a host of measurable benefits, such as availability and performance, productivity gains, and cost efficiency. Above all, we supply peace of mind through the knowledge that your installation is being serviced by the most experienced partner you could have.

  • Complete power and propulsion systems, and integrated solutions from environmental seals to bridge controls, all of which are tailored to your operational needs
  • Unnoticeable noise and vibration, achieved through a combination of engineering expertise and years of experience
  • Total service packages covering start-ups, installations, engineering work, maintenance, repairs, and more
  • Service points around the globe and remote monitoring around the clock
  • Single responsibility, reduced risk of incompatibilities, classification for complete systems
  • Less co-ordination work between parties meaning time-savings in design, engineering and the purchasing process
  • Extended intervals between overhauls, and replacement of parts at the optimal time



    Cruise Ships

    We strive to optimize the operational reliability, cost-efficiency, and environmental sustainability of cruise ships.

    Most of the world’s harbours are located close to densely populated areas, hence the strong demand during recent years for non-visible smoke. Wärtsilä makes smokeless engines possible.

    Smokeless engines
    Wärtsilä’s common rail technology is a fuel injection system that facilitates high levels of combustion efficiency, and offers economical power generation whilst reducing exhaust emissions. These benefits are achieved through accurate regulation and timing of the high pressure fuel delivery to the cylinders.

    A UNIC (Wärtsilä Unified Controls) engine control system monitors the engine’s operating parameters and uses the resulting data to adjust fuel flow, thereby maximizing performance under all conditions. The system also allows switching between different fuel grades while maintaining maximum efficiency.

    Reduction of exhaust emissions
    Our existing engines can also be modified with both primary and secondary methods of developed NOX reduction technologies. Primary methods include: dual-fuel engines, an efficiency rudder, highly efficient propellers, oceanguard seals, and CBM (Condition Based Monitoring). Secondary methods include: the Compact Silencer System, Scrubbers, SCR, Senitec products, and Wetpac.

    To reduce CO2 and SOX emissions we have increased engine efficiency, developed multi-fuel engines, and produced technologies that advance the efficiency of the entire ship. Our exhaust gas cleaning technology means lower operating costs through access to less costly fuel, avoiding fuel switching, storage, and availability issues, and reducing the operational impact on the environment.

    Environmentally sound solutions
    The world’s cruise sector is increasingly having to focus on environmental topics. In this technology arena, Wärtsilä continues to set global standards in shipboard waste management by being the world’s leading manufacturer of marine sewage treatment plants and fresh water generation.

    Wärtsilä’s ballast water systems are designed to protect the world’s oceans and are suitable for retrofit as well as new build installations. We also offer efficient treatment systems for sludge and bilge water. To reduce emissions to the water, our sealing systems offer environmentally sound alternatives that prevent oil spills.

    Ferries and Ro-Pax vessels

    To ensure maximum efficiency, reliability, and environmental performance over the entire lifecycle of the installation, Wärtsilä’s solutions are customized to meet specific ship design and operational requirements.

    Our range of offerings for ferries and Ro-Pax vessels is constantly being developed. Our aim is to be a provider of integrated solutions rather than a seller of components. These solutions are based on well proven concepts, and are tailor-made to fit specific customer requirements with highly efficient systems that fulfil current and anticipated environmental legislation. It was as a result of our Krystallon scrubber, applied to an auxiliary engine during trials on board the P&O Ferries ship ‘Pride of Kent’, that led both the IMO and the EU to bring emissions abatement technology into the legislative framework.

    LNG fuel technology
    Wärtsilä’s dual-fuel technology and technical solutions to store and handle LNG on board are integral to satisfying demand for a new generation of low emissions vessels powered by natural gas. With extensive experience in this field, our gas systems business has recognised the growing potential for ferries and ro-pax vessels.

    Leader in diesel-electric machinery
    Diesel-electric machinery offers some clear benefits compared to mechanical propulsion. For instance, the generating sets can be arranged quite freely, which can make it possible to increase cargo capacity. Correctly dimensioned diesel-electric machinery makes it possible to run the diesel engines close to optimum load in all operational modes. This gives better engine performance and lower fuel consumption. The installed power can also be used for many different purposes, while less total power can be needed.

    Low Loss Concept
    The Low Loss Concept developed by Wärtsilä saves both fuel and installation costs, reduces emissions, and lessens the amount of space required for component installation. This innovation also delivers greater redundancy in the electrical propulsion system, and makes the commissioning work easier.

    Noise and vibration abatement
    We provide a viable solution for abating noise with advanced flexible mountings, which have many advantages in demanding ferry installations. Together with our Compact Silencer System (CSS), these offer a truly noise-free solution. Wärtsilä propellers are also designed to offer low noise and vibration levels.

    Natural choice for environmentally sound shipping
    Direct environmental and economic benefits are a feature of Wärtsilä solutions throughout the entire engine power range. Fuel flexibility enables owners and operators to opt for the most suitable fuel, taking into account local environmental restrictions, fuel price variations, and fuel bunkering possibilities. A unique feature of Wärtsilä dual-fuel engines is their ability to run on natural gas, marine diesel oil (MDO), heavy fuel oil (HFO) and liquid biofuels, thereby providing maximum flexibility in fuel choice.

    Wärtsilä plug in hybrid systems
    Wärtsilä provides complete concepts for electrical and hybrid ferries. The ferries are designed to run entirely on batteries or in a battery-engine hybrid configuration. In plug-in electrical operation, the fuel consumption is reduced by 100 percent compared to conventional installations, and all local emissions are completely eliminated. With the plug-in hybrid configuration, emissions are reduced by up to 50 percent.


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