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Containerships VII

The agreement made with Containerships Ltd Oy covers the retrofitting of a Wärtsilä closed loop scrubber system in 2011 for the company’s Containership VII vessel.

Onboard the Containerships VII, fresh water is produced using a fresh water generator. NaOH is stored in the existing heavy fuel oil tank, which will be modified for NaOH storage purposes. The tank will be coated internally, and heating will be arranged in order to keep the temperature between 25 - 35°C which is the recommended storage temperature. The alkali feed unit, located close to the NaOH storage tank, automatically monitors the pH value of the scrubbing water, and thus its cleaning efficiency.

The scrubber unit, built entirely from highly corrosion resistant materials, will be located on the port side of the exhaust gas funnel. The gas inlet to the scrubber unit is arranged in the lower section. Scrubbing water is pumped from the wet sump, through the seawater heat exchanger, to the top part of the scrubber and sprayed into the exhaust gas flow. The water absorbs the SOx, heat and other components from the exhaust gas. The 40 foot equipment container, which includes amongst other things the bleed-off treatment units, will be located in front of the superstructure on the port side.