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Wärtsilä Fixed Pitch Propellers

Wärtsilä Fixed Pitch Propellers are recommended when optimal efficiency, reliability, and robustness is required.

Each ship’s hull has its own characteristics. In order to achieve the highest possible total efficiency of the vessel, the propeller must be a perfect match with the engine and the hull. A fixed pitch propeller is the choice when optimum efficiency, reliability and robustness are required. Fixed pitch propellers are usually installed for ocean sailing vessels, for example

  • Container vessels
  • Tankers
  • Bulk carriers
  • Dry cargo vessels

Wärtsilä FP propellers for all ship types guarantee maximum efficiency and minimum noise and vibration levels due to tailor-made designs with the latest available technology.

Wärtsilä’s patented Cunial material provides excellent casting, machining and fatigue properties. An additional advantage is thegood repairability. Wärtsilä FP propellers can be made to meet all requirements for the number and size of the blades.

FP propeller packages
The following propeller items can also be included in the package supplied:

  •  Hydrodynamic consultancy
  •  Alignment calculations
  •  Jackload calculations
  •  Whirling calculations
  •  Build-up propellers
  •  Propeller caps
  •  Hydraulic nut/ring
  •  Hydraulic mounting tools
  •  Ropeguard
  •  Netcutters
  •  Sterntubes
  •  Torque measurement device
  •  Turning device
  •  Thrust bearing
  •  Earthing device
  •  Shaft locking device
  •  Shaft brake

Inspection of repaired FPP  

Wärtsilä Fixed Pitch Propeller

Wärtsilä Fixed Pitch Propellers for diameters 1000 to 3500 mm

Wärtsilä high efficiency nozzle