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Wärtsilä LV Multidrive

This power drive solution is delivered as a multi-drive system, whereby the inverters are connected to the same DC-link.

Combined with built-in patented electronic DC breakers, the inverters work independently. The multi-drive system can be connected to the main grid through either active or diode rectifiers, or can be powered from DC-sources, such as batteries and fuel cells.

The power drive is specially designed for extended operating life in a maritime environment. It is the world’s most compact low voltage (690V) power drive, and features excellent control of propulsion motors, pump applications, compressors, mooring and winches, and drilling operations. The drive is water cooled and can be directly connected to the ship’s cooling water system. Other important features are the redundant design and interchangeable power modules, all of which make service easy and efficient. 

 Wärtsilä Multidrive - LV