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Wärtsilä Active Front End Drive LV

This variable speed drive solution is delivered with an active rectifier front end. This allows for energy flow in both directions, thus eliminating the need for transformers and braking resistors.

The Wärtsilä Active Rectifier provides Direct Current Control and network filter giving small ripple currents and very low harmonic distortion well below the requirements of international standards.

The variable speed drive is specially designed for lifetime operation in a maritime environment. It is the world’s most compact low voltage (690V) variable speed drive, and features excellent performance for the control of propulsion motors, pump applications, compressors, mooring and winches, and drilling operations. The drive is water cooled and can be directly connected to the ship’s cooling water system. Other important features are the redundant design and interchangeable power modules, which provide an easy and efficient service concept.

Wärtsilä Active Rectifier Drive
Model In max motor Width (mm) Weight (kg)
0,8 MW 800 900 1600
1,5 MW 1500 1500 2200
2,7 MW 2700 3000 4600
3,8 MW 3800 5100 7700
5,5 MW 5500 6600 9700

All cabinets have 1 000 mm depth and 2 051 mm height.