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Optimizing solutions

Our optimizing solutions enable our customers installations to operate at optimal efficiency throughout their lifecycle, which in turn improves overall business performance.

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High quality, flexible solutions: Near enough is never good enough. Wärtsilä offers high quality solutions to ensure that all components are operating correctly, and that all systems are perfectly integrated. At the same time, our solutions are flexible enough to meet differing and changing needs. Only in this way can output be maximized.

Monitoring, managing & improving operations: Making sure that all systems are functioning as they should is an area of specialization for Wärtsilä. Our component monitoring systems highlight areas for improvement, and anticipate potential faults before they occur. They also facilitate compliance with regulations. For example, the Wärtsilä BilgeGuard™ monitors possible oil content in bilge water discharges from ships. Furthermore, we offer Operations & Management agreements whereby we manage operations on behalf of the customer, ensuring optimal efficiency and performance at all times.

Customized solutions: For operations to meet optimal standards, ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions may not be the answer. We have the know-how and the resources to analyse the requirements together with the customer, and provide a solution that is tailored precisely to the specific situation and operational parameters.

Expertise in optimizing emissions reduction: Our technological leadership, backed by experience, industry know-how, and specific area expertise, enables us also to offer optimized environmental legislation compliance. In particular, we can minimize exhaust gas emissions through both primary and secondary control systems. For example, the Wärtsilä SOx scrubber system effectively reduces sulphur oxide emissions from ships, enabling them to comply with IMO regulations.

Help in defining where to invest, where to save: Optimization means achieving efficiency in all areas – in improved output, in lower fuel costs, and in reduced maintenance requirements. Wärtsilä’s global service capability includes the ability to advise and consult regarding equipment investments and potential areas of savings. We work closely with our customers to define the very best means for achieving optimized operational performance.