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Wärtsilä Twin Input Gears

Gears with twin input and single propeller speed.Wärtsilä designation TCH.

The horizontal offset between the two propulsion engines, are defined by the engine maker, in order to create service space for the engines.

The following standard options are available:

  • Integrated thrust bearing 
  • Integrated hydraulic clutch 
  • Power take off for shaft generator (PTO) 
  • Power take in for electric motor (PTI) 
  • Connection for OD-Box
  • Gear driven oil pumps
Wärtsilä TCH Range
 Gear Type  Engine
 Engine Type
 TCH190  1900 Wärsilä 20
 TCH240  2400 Electric motors
 TCH250  2500 Wärtsilä 26 (L-version)
 TCH270  2700 Wärtsilä 7L32, Wärtsilä 8L32, Wärtsilä 9L32
 TCH310  3100 Wärtsilä 12V26, Wärtsilä 16V26, Wärtsilä 38 (L-version)
 TCH350  3500 Wärtsilä 12V32, Wärtsilä 6L46F, Wärtsilä 6L50DF
 TCH370  3700 Wärtsilä 16V32, Wärtsilä 18V32, Wärtsilä 8L46F, Wärtsilä 9L46F, Wärtsilä 8L50DF, Wärtsilä 9L50DF
 TCH380  3800 Wärtsilä 12V38, Wärtsilä 16V38, Wärtsilä 18V38

 Wärtsilä Twin Input Gear

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Power take-off (PTO)

Power take-in (PTI)

Hydraulic power unit