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Wärtsilä Single Input Gears

Wärtsilä single input gears are available with either a vertical offset (type SV) or horizontal offset (type SH) between the input and output shafts. 

The design is modular, reliable, compact, and sturdy for easy installation and maintenance.The gearwheels have single helical teeth, that are precision ground with profile correction to secure both good load distribution and low noise operation.

The power ranges are 1-24 MW for the vertical offset type, and 3-24 MW for horizontal offset types.
The following standard options are available:

  • Integrated thrust bearing 
  • Integrated hydraulic clutch 
  • Power take off for shaft generator (PTO) 
  • Power take in for electric motor (PTI) 
  • Connection for OD-Box 
  • Gear driven oil pumps

For gear sizes 50-95, the hydraulic system for CPP is integrated within the gear.

Two speed PTOs are available for some sizes.

Wärtsilä Single Input Gears - Output Range

Wärtsilä Single Input Reduction Gears - power range

Wärtsilä Single Input Gears

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