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Flexicycle™ power plants

Our Flexicycle™ power plants combine the advantages of a flexible simple cycle plant with the superb efficiency of a combined cycle plant. The Flexicycle solution is based on a gas, multi-fuel, or liquid fuel power plant combined with a steam turbine. Flexicycle power plants can operate both in highly efficient combined cycle mode and in dynamic and fast simple cycle mode.

The combination of flexibility and efficiency make Flexicycle power plants ideally suited to load following in a grid system. Depending on the power system, Flexicycle power plants can also be the best choice for efficient baseload power generation.

Our largest Flexicycle installation is the Quisqueya I and II power plant complex in the Dominican Republic with a total combined output of 430 MW.

Quisqueya Power Plant

Quisqueya Flexicycle power plant in the Dominican Republic

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