LNG storage & regasification barges

From idea to successful operation


Wärtsilä LNG storage and regasification barge solutions

The smallest FSRUs today are around 120,000 m3. There are no small LNG carriers available that can be converted to FSRUs.

Wärtsilä has created a solution for this problem by designing a barge containing storage tanks (1000–30,000 m3) and regasification systems. For larger storage needs multiple barges can be employed. The regasification and storage barges can be an attractive alternative to onshore satellite and bunkering terminals.

The barge can be equipped with the similar processes as the land-based solution. The process can also be split between the barge and land. This can be done, for example, by locating the LNG storage on the barge and process equipment and support facilities onshore. The barges utilise Type C-tanks for storage which eliminates the need for boil-off gas handling.

Wärtsilä prefers to deliver the barge and necessary infrastructure onshore as a complete EPC. Wärtsilä can also provide services and maintenance agreements for the total solution.

storage and regasification barge

  • Ideal for providing fast and flexible access to gas in new areas
  • For land unsuitable for onshore LNG tanks or difficult to permit
  • Where there is a lack of skilled labour and local construction material
  • A mobile asset, possible to relocate or trade – ideal for temporary demand and uncertain market conditions

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