Power Plants at Wärtsilä in Russia

Combined heat & power and combined cycle plants

Wärtsilä’s combined heat and power (CHP) plants incorporate both power and heat generation systems. The system for heat generation in parallel with electricity production, producing steam, hot water or chilled water, is optimally designed for the customer’s needs and requirements. The total plant efficiency can rise to even above 90%. These CHP plants can run on various fuels while maintaining low emissions and high efficiency.

The heat recovery systems can be defined as post engine “hang-on” types, and do not directly influence either engine performance or running. The engine will give the same high electrical efficiencies and output, regardless of the rate of heat production. CHP plants consume significantly less fuel than separate power and heat generation.

Wärtsilä’s CHP solutions for district cooling and trigeneration are attractive solutions for large facilities such as airports, shopping centres, housing areas and other building complexes with substantial heating and cooling demands. Depending on the installation specific heating and/or cooling requirements, plant location and the seasonal variations in ambient conditions, the plant can be equipped with standardized heat recovery and chiller solutions, with absorption chillers for heat recovery and electrically driven chillers for covering the peak demands.

The benefits of the Wärtsilä CHP power plants are:

  • Deregulation will enable retailing, distribution and self generation
  • Decentralized power production enables small efficient plants & CHP solutions close to the consumers’ point of use
  • Transmission and distribution will most likely remain regulated
  • CHP enables efficient use of primary fuel
  • Generation and and retailing may also be done by many new player in the market
    • Power brokers
    • Energy Service companies
    • Aggregators
  • Environmentally friendly and efficient solution helping to fulfill the Kyoto protocol and Copenhagen meeting demands while enabling emissions trading


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