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Wärtsilä's excellent Operations & Maintenance services expand and strengthen in Guyana

The Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services of Wärtsilä Corporation continue to grow and strengthen in Guyana. Initially, the first O&M agreement was signed some 15 years ago, and it covered two Wärtsilä engines with a total installed capacity of 11 MW. There were just 15 employees involved. Since that time the number of employees had increased to 49, and the total installed capacity was 44MW in 2008 at two plants, located in Garden of Eden and Kingston. Demerara Power Company has recently been re-named to Wärtsilä Operations in Guyana, and has now 52 employees. On December 4, 2009 additional plant has been commissioned. GPL now generates 64.7MWs fully operated by Wärtsilä Operations in Guyana.

History revisited: The first O&M agreement in Guyana was established in 1994 as a co-operation between Wärtsilä’s subsidiary, Demerara Power Company (DPC), and the local utility company, Guyana Power and Light. The original agreement was the first of its kind between the two parties, and it generated a number of challenges that needed to be overcome, such as personnel, training and project execution. Since then, numerous DPC employees have been relocated to other Wärtsilä units throughout the Caribbean region. Their operating and maintenance experience and knowledge has proven invaluable in training personnel, and in serving the region’s power production sector. Demerara Power Company was established in January 1994 as a subsidiary of Wärtsilä Diesel Development Corporation in order to manage the O&M agreement with Guyana Power and Light.

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