Services & Support at Wärtsilä in Korea

Engine Services

Engine Services form the core of our activities. We provide complete services for engines and related systems, for Wärtsilä and other makes of engines.

2-Stroke Engine Overhaul

2-Stroke Engine Fitness Package

Retrofit Pulse Lubrication System

CLU (Cylinder Lubrication) 1-E Upgrade

BOB (Blend on Board)

SSUK (Slow Steaming Unit Kit)

4-Stroke Engine Overhaul

Fuel Injection Equipment Overhaul

Structural Welding

In-Situ Crankshaft Machining

In-Situ Bore and Flange Machining

In-Situ Milling and Grinding

Cylinder Liner Honing & Wavecut

Site Surveys

RT-flex Engine Component Renewal