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Wärtsilä Hamworthy Sewage Treatment Plants

Wärtsilä Hamworthy’s market-leading sewage treatment plants offer easy-to-install, trouble-free systems for some of the harshest environments on the planet.

Wärtsilä Hamworthy is the world’s leading manufacturer of marine sewage treatment plants. For over four decades our Super Trident sewage treatment plants have been the standard specification for vessels of all types, from tugs up to the largest cruise liners and including Offshore platforms in hazardous conditions.

We support our customers in meeting the latest industry and environmental legislation, and by developing our technologies to achieve maximum efficiencies in the marine and oil & gas markets. The ST-C series sewage treatment plants are certified to meet IMO MEPC 159(55) guidelines, and are recognised by leading shipbuilders.

The STC-13 series sewage treatment plants are certified to meet IMO MEPC 227(64) guidelines, which will be applicable to new ships whose keels will be laid on or after 1 January 2016.

Optimised for the treatment of black and grey wastewater flows, and suitable for conventional gravity and vacuum fed collection systems, all plants in our STA-C and ST-C range are controlled automatically. This allows unattended operation, with reduced maintenance requirements and lower long-term operating costs. The systems are compact and modular in design, suitable for between-deck installations, and are adaptable to customer new build specifications.

Wärtsilä Hamworthy’s Retrofit Trident Sewage Treatment Plants are designed to reduce the cost of installing sewage treatment equipment into existing vessels. Each retrofit unit is built up from three separate water tight tanks connected by external piping. The dimensions of each component tank have been arranged to permit transportation through standard access ways.

More than 6000 of our sewage treatment plants have been installed on ships around the world, providing extensive operational and performance benefits.

 Wärtsilä Hamworthy Sewage Treatment