The Wärtsilä RT-flex82T offers economical and flexible operation in 5000 TEU container vessels at all engine speeds and loads

Wärtsilä article, 30 November 2011
Produced by Mirja-Maija Santala, Media Manager, Wärtsilä Corporation

Overall design parameters for container ships have changed significantly in the last two to three years. Vessel speeds have been reduced and ship designs have been adapted to the new requirements, allowing the installation of engines with lower revolutions that offer higher fuel efficiency. The higher hydrodynamic efficiencies associated with larger and slower-turning propellers also translate into reduced fuel consumption for the same operational speed. Wärtsilä RT-flex82T engines offer both economical and flexible operation in this new shipping environment.

Wärtsilä’s electronically-controlled 2-stroke RT-flex82 engine design was originally developed for applications in VLCCs (very large crude oil carriers) and VLOCs (very large ore carriers), vessels which typically operate at speeds of around 15 knots, have draughts of up to 21 metres and are equipped with huge, slow-running propellers. The change in design parameters means that RT-flex82T series engines can now be used in container ships, offering shipowners and operators both increased fuel efficiency and operational flexibility.

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  • Ideally suited for economical and flexible operation

For every ship design, shipowners and shipbuilders have to find the right balance between the type of engine, engine speed (rpm) and the vessel’s operational requirements. RT-flex82T series engines offer remarkable flexibility on operation, making them ideally suited for economical operation in the newest types of container vessels as well as in larger VLCCs and VLOCs.

“RT-flex technology offers the unique capability of achieving the lowest fuel consumption at any engine load,” says Rolf Stiefel, Director, Merchant Sales, Wärtsilä Ship Power. “This means that even though container ships today operate over a very wide speed range, from design speed down to as little as 20% of that, optimum fuel consumption - and therefore the lowest possible emissions - can be achieved at every specific operating point. This means less fuel per ton of cargo per nautical mile.”

Orders for RT-flex82T series engines now total 90, most of them for applications in VLCCs and VLOCs, with the T version currently being installed in a series of five 5000 TEU container ship newbuildings. The large number of engines being manufactured means that engine builders are able to produce RT-flex82T series engines in a very competitive manner, at very competitive prices.

  • Chosen for a new series of 5000 TEU container vessels

Earlier this year, RT-flex82T engines were selected to power the first five of a new series of 5000 TEU wide-beam containerships being built by Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) for Container Carriers Corp., part of Greece-based Capital Ship Management Corp. The engines will be built by Hyundai Engine Division. Vessel deliveries are scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2012 with the last one taking place in June 2013. This is the first time that RT-flex82T engines are being used to power Post-Panamax container vessels.

“Container Carriers Corp. and its manager, Capital Ship Management Corp., are strong believers that environmentally sound and efficient ship designs and engines will prevail in years to come,” said Mr. Gurpal S. Grewal, Technical Director of Capital Ship Management Corp. “When contracting for this new series of 5000 TEU containerships, we paid special attention to obtaining engines which offer high efficiency throughout the entire load range in order to achieve speed flexibility with the best fuel consumption and a reduced carbon footprint. The RT-flex82T was selected as the best candidate for meeting our targets.”

  • Simply the best overall solution

Korea’s shipbuilding industry is a worldwide technology leader in building merchant ships and a trendsetter in both new and alternative solutions. Korea-based Hyundai, the world’s biggest shipbuilder, specifically selected RT-flex82T engines as the best solution for the new series of container ships being built for Container Carriers Corp.

“This order proves that for shipowners, shipbuilders and engine builders, the Wärtsilä RT-flex82T is the best choice for a 5000 TEU container vessel in the Korean market,” says Sung Bok Yoo, President, Wärtsilä Korea. “It is the right compromise between optimised operational cost and acceptable investment cost. The Wärtsilä RT-flex82T is simply the cleverest way of optimising both CAPEX and OPEX in this type of vessel - the best overall solution.”

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