Emission reduction - oily water effluents

Water is crucial to most organisms on our planet. Our environment depends on the availability of clean water, and therefore reliable and efficient treatment of oily water effluents is of the utmost importance.

Power plants situated in remote areas need to be self-sufficient. One key area is the ability to handle oily water and other emissions into an often fragile and already threatened environment. Wärtsilä’s Senitec equipments are designed to conform to different legislative and guiding requirements and their presence in a power plant is a clear indicator of a larger environmental focus.

Power plants in environmentally fragile locations have high requirements when it comes to treatment of effluents. The Wärtsilä Senitec P series units are designed to be in the lead among oily water separators for power plant use. Innovative technologies combined with optimised processes results in a system that can treat oily water mixtures with differing composition with excellent results.

Wärtsilä Senitec Biosys is a biological treatment system for grey water and similar effluents from power plants. Water is cleaned through a series of bacteriological and chemical steps, with no adverse effect on the environment.

The Biosys system is designed to work in series with Senitec oily water treatment units in environmentally endangered areas. The resulting water can safely be discharged without need for additional treatment.

Oily water treatment

Biological treatment

Combined system