Power Plants

Gas power plants

Our gas power plants are designed for a wide variety of baseload, load following and peaking solutions. The plants are based on modular engine units that can use various gaseous fuels and run even in the most challenging ambient conditions.

Aliaga gas power plant
Aliaga gas power plant in Turkey

We have gas power plants in 62 countries with a total combined output of 9.7 GW. Our largest gas power plant is the Aliaga baseload power plant in Turkey with a total output of 270 MW.

Key features

  • Energy efficiency of up to 49% (simple cycle)
  • From hot standby to full load in 3-5 minutes (depending on configuration)
  • Full plant output and efficiency even at high altitudes and in hot and dry ambient conditions
  • Low 5-bar pressure requirement for gaseous fuels
  • Lean-burn gas engine technology with a low environmental impact