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Wärtsilä LLC

The Low Loss Concept (LLC) is a proven energy efficient and highly redundant power distribution system for electric propulsion applications.

The system is available for both Low Voltage and Medium Voltage applications. It features a transformerless design, and its benefits include high redundancy, high efficiency and superb system availability.

The Low Loss Concept covers all power applications between 5MW and 45MW in both the Low Voltage and Medium Voltage versions. It is effective also in vessels with operating profiles that require variable speeds, such as OSVs.

Previous developments have been within the fields of electric propulsion, hybrid concepts and fuel economy. The Low Loss Concept (LLC) is a new alternative to power distribution systems, comprising higher efficiency, lower weight and volume, and a high system redundancy. It represents a fresh approach in supplying power to the frequency drives for electric propulsion.

 Low Loss Concept is used on Viking Lady

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