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Wärtsilä Hamworthy LNG Liquefaction

Our industry leading natural gas liquefaction solutions combine high energy efficiency and plant reliability with operational robustness, flexibility, and ease of operation.

Wärtsilä Hamworthy’s innovative LNG production plant solutions suitable for small to medium size liquefaction capacities, are based on well proven equipment and process control principles.

Our LNG production facility in Snurrevarden, Norway was the first free-standing small scale LNG plant in Northern Europe. It is fully automated with remote monitoring and control capabilities.

Since then we have delivered a number of complete onshore LNG production facilities, including the introduction of an improved liquefaction system with double expanders based on the reversed Brayton cycle. The LNG production plant for Gasum in Finland, delivered in 2010, uses surplus liquid nitrogen (LIN) for the LNG generation and incorporates new technology that reduces LIN consumption by 50%.

Wärtsilä Hamworthy has also developed the energy efficient NewMR liquefaction technology for even lower capacities than our usual small and mid-scale LNG plants. For production capacities below 50 tonnes per day, the NewMR technology uses a mixed refrigerant in combination with standard equipment to achieve low investment costs and fast manufacture of the liquefaction unit. In the growing bio-LNG fuel market, this technology adds to the value chain.

Wärtsilä Oil & Gas Systems delivered in 2014 a biogas liquefaction plant to Norwegian Cambi AS, a specialist in biowaste treatment, will produce biomethane from household food waste to be used as biofuel for buses in Oslo, thereby putting the region at the forefront of environmental innovation.