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Wärtsilä Hamworthy High Pressure Air and Gas Compressors

Our compressors can be configured to suit a diverse range of high pressure applications for both air and other compressible gases.

We offer a range of options, from a basic compressor block to a fully integrated compressor package solution for high pressure air or gas. We are also able to incorporate ancillary items, such as nitrogen generation and air/gas driers, into the scope of supply. The units are designed to comply with European and other International standards for a range of industries and applications.

We offer 2, 3 and 4 stage compressors with inlet pressures up to 7 bar g, and discharge pressures up to 350 bar g. The gas composition may be required to ensure correct compressor and material selection.

Gases that our compressors can handle
Air Carbon Dioxide Hydrogen
Argon Helium Methane
Biogas Heliox Natural Gas
Nitrogen (both compression and generation)

Core competences

  • Product knowledge
  • Skilled engineering resources
  • Project management
  • Lifecycle support
  • Worldwide service and spares